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Other Bemis family websites to look at:
1. Descendants of Joseph Bemis, b.1619:

2. Descendants of John Bemis, b.1659:
3. One of Joseph Bemis's descendants, Stephen Bemis, b. 1774, married Sophronia Chapin, b. 1776, who is a descendant of Samuel Chapin , Deacon and Founder of Springfield, MA.
For free genealogical services, resource listings and to chat in a forum, check in the  Genealogy Gateway website at: or go directly to the Bemis Forum at .
Great resource for a list of genealogy links on the internet, link to:
Cyndi's List website
If you need a computer program to compile your family history, go to: 

1.   a popular program used by most families keeping track of their ancestors.
2. "Personal Ancestral File" program which is a free offer by The Church of Jesus Christ.

For ancestry database, genealogical computing, ancestry magazine, link to:
The "New England Historic Genealogical Society"offers a wealth of resources for the study
of family history.  No website available. Contact for a brochure and/or membership:
101 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116-3007
Telephone 617.536.5740; Fax 617.536.7307

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Joseph b.1619
Mary b. 1620
Mary b. 1644
Joseph b. 1651
Rebecca b. 1654
Emphraim b. 1656
John b. 1659
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