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This is the genealogy of the Bemis family that came from Dedham, Essex, England.  In our research we found that in 1641 Joseph Bemis along with his sister, Mary Bemis , is founder and original immigrant of this family to the town of Watertown in the state of Massachusetts of the United States of America. 

Most of these facts have been provided from a book titled "History and Genealogy of the Bemis Family in America" by Colonel Thomas Waln-Morgan Draper, 1900.  In 1999 the book title was changed to "The Descendants of Joseph Bemis 1900".  There are discrepancies with the documentation from this book according to most researchers today.

The information on this site is to help serve as a starting point for those looking for a Bemis ancestor.  Due to limited time we are unable to search for specific members not listed on this site.  If you do submit any information to add to this site, it will be be carefully reviewed although please do not consider this an actual reference publication nor a legal binding document. Sources related to this site can be found here.

One of the descendants, Stephen Bemis, b. 1774 (can be found on Joseph b.1651 page) married Sophronia Chapin, b. 1776, who is a descendant of Samuel Chapin, Deacon and Founder of Springfield, Massachusetts. You may see the lineage and picture of Samuel Chapin's statue here.

Other names include Beamis, Bemiss, Beemis and Bemus prior to 1900 migrating to other states .  There are over 6,000 names including spouses on this site to this date!

Thank you for all of those who have contributed to this website.  It is an honor to consider this site your site as well!  

With Warmth & Love from the Bemis'.

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